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Title: Moisture Durability with Vapor-Permeable Insulating Sheathing.
Author: Lepage, R.; Lstiburek, J.
Pages/Volumes: 67 pp.
Publication Year: 2013
Notes: Work performed by Building Science Corporation (BSC), Somerville, Massachusetts.
Document Type: Research Report
Subject Code Description: Buildings
Abstract: Exterior sheathing insulation is an effective strategy in increasing the overall R-value of wall assemblies; other benefits include decreasing the effects of thermal bridging and increasing the moisture durability of the built assembly. Vapor-permeable exterior insulation, such as mineral board or expanded polystyrene foam, are one such product that may be used to achieve these benefits. However, uncertainty exists on the effects of inward driven moisture and the interaction of increased sheathing temperatures on the moisture durability of the edifice. To address these concerns, Building Science Corporation (BSC) conducted a series of hygrothermal models for cities representing a range of different climate zones. This report describes the research project, key research questions, and the procedures utilized to analyse the problems.
Accession Number: 58062
Library Notes: NPL-1310 REV
Report Numbers: TP-5500-58062; DOE/GO-102013-3910

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