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Title: Alternative Fuel Vehicle Fleet Buyer's Guide.
Author: O'Connor, J. K.
Source: State of Alternative Fuels Technologies 1999: Proceedings of the International Spring Fuels and Lubricants Meeting and Exposition, 3-6 May 1999, Dearborn, Michigan. SAE SP-1458.
Pages/Volumes: pp. 51-89
Publication Year: 1999
Publisher, Place: Warrendale, PA: Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc.
Document Type: Conference Paper
Subject Code Description: Transportation
Abstract: Fleet managers need a tool to assist them in assessing their need to comply with EPAct and to provide them with the ability to obtain information that will allow them to make alternative fuel vehicle purchasing decisions. This paper will describe the Web-based tool that will inform a fleet manager, based on their geographic location, the type of fleet they own or operate, and the number and types of vehicles in their fleet, whether or not they need to meet the requirements of EPAct, and, if so, the percentage of new vehicle purchases needed to compy with the law. The tool provides detailed specifications on available OEM alternative fuel vehicles, including the purchase cost of the vehicles, fuel and fuel system characteristics, and incentives and rebates surrounding the purchase of each vehicle. The full set of federal, state and local incentives is made available through the tool, as well as detailed access to refueling site dealership locations. Access to a vehicle cost analysis (payback period) methodology, based on the fuel cost savings, is described. Finally, where to find key points of contact at the federal, state, and local levels is demonstrated.
Accession Number: 27017
Library Notes: NPL-9906 REV
Report Numbers: 27017; 1999-01-1510