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Title: Measure Guideline: Air Conditioner Diagnostics, Maintenance, and Replacement.
Author: Springer, D.; Dakin, B.
Pages/Volumes: 70 pp.
Publication Year: 2013
Notes: Work performed by Alliance for Residential Building Innovation (ARBI), Davis, California.
Document Type: Subcontract Report
NTIS/GPO Number: 1069186
Subject Code Description: Electricity, Resources, and Buildings Systems; Buildings
Abstract: This guideline responds to the need for an efficient means of identifying, diagnosing, and repairing faults in air conditioning systems in existing homes that are undergoing energy upgrades. Inadequate airflow due to constricted ducts or undersized filters, improper refrigerant charge, and other system defects can be corrected at a fraction of the cost of equipment replacement and can yield significant savings. The guideline presents a two-step approach to diagnostics and repair.
Accession Number: 56283
Library Notes: NPL-1303 REV
Report Numbers: SR-5500-56283; DOE/GO-102013-3766

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