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Title: Air-to-Water Heat Pumps With Radiant Delivery in Low-Load Homes.
Author: Backman, C.; German, A.; Dakin, B.; Springer, D.
Pages/Volumes: 80 pp.
Publication Year: 2013
Notes: Work performed by Alliance for Residential Building Innovation, Davis, California.
Document Type: Subcontract Report
NTIS/GPO Number: 1115792
Subject Code Description: Buildings
Abstract: Space conditioning represents nearly 50% of average residential household energy consumption, highlighting the need to identify alternative cost-effective, energy-efficient cooling and heating strategies. As homes are better built, there is an increasing need for strategies that are particularly well suited for high performance, low load homes. ARBI researchers worked with two test homes in hot-dry climates to evaluate the in-situ performance of air-to-water heat pump (AWHP) systems, an energy efficient space conditioning solution designed to cost-effectively provide comfort in homes with efficient, safe, and durable operation. Two monitoring projects of test houses in hot-dry climates were initiated in 2010 to test this system. Both systems were fully instrumented and have been monitored over one year to capture complete performance data over the cooling and heating seasons. Results are used to quantify energy savings, cost-effectiveness, and system performance using different operating modes and strategies. A calibrated TRNSYS model was developed and used to evaluate performance in various climate regions. This strategy is most effective in tight, insulated homes with high levels of thermal mass (i.e. exposed slab floors).
Accession Number: 59622
Library Notes: NPL-1312 REV
Report Numbers: SR-5500-60057; DOE/GO-102013-4019

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