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Title: Concentrating Solar Deployment System (CSDS) -- A New Model for Estimating U.S. Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Market Potential: Preprint.
Author: Blair, N.; Mehos, M.; Short, W.; Heimiller, D.
Pages/Volumes: 10 pp.
Publication Year: 2006
Notes: To be presented at Solar 2006 Conference, 8-13 July 2006, Denver, Colorado
Document Type: Conference Paper
NTIS/GPO Number: 881918
Subject Code Description: Energy Analysis
Abstract: This paper presents the Concentrating Solar Deployment System Model (CSDS). CSDS is a multiregional, multitime-period, Geographic Information System (GIS), and linear programming model of capacity expansion in the electric sector of the United States. CSDS is designed to address the principal market and policy issues related to the penetration of concentrating solar power (CSP) electric-sector technologies. This paper discusses the current structure, capabilities, and assumptions of the model. Additionally, results are presented for the impact of continued research and development (R&D) spending, an extension to the investment tax credit (ITC), and use of a production tax credit (PTC). CSDS is an extension of the Wind Deployment System (WinDS) model created at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). While WinDS examines issues related to wind, CSDS is an extension to analyze similar issues for CSP applications. Specifically, a detailed representation of parabolic trough systems with thermal storage has been developed within the existing structure.
Accession Number: 39682
Library Notes: NPL-0604 REV
Report Numbers: CP-620-39682

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