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Title: Tool for Generating Realistic Residential Hot Water Event Schedules: Preprint.
Author: Hendron, B.; Burch, J.; Barker, G.
Pages/Volumes: 11 pp.
Publication Year: 2010
Notes: Presented at SimBuild 2010, 15-19 August 2010, New York, New York
Document Type: Conference Paper
NTIS/GPO Number: 989020
Subject Code Description: Electricity, Resources, and Buildings Systems; Buildings
Abstract: The installed energy savings for advanced residential hot water systems can depend greatly on detailed occupant use patterns. Quantifying these patterns is essential for analyzing measures such as tankless water heaters, solar hot water systems with demand-side heat exchangers, distribution system improvements, and recirculation loops. This paper describes the development of an advanced spreadsheet tool that can generate a series of year-long hot water event schedules consistent with realistic probability distributions of start time, duration and flow rate variability, clustering, fixture assignment, vacation periods, and seasonality. This paper also presents the application of the hot water event schedules in the context of an integral-collector-storage solar water heating system in a moderate climate.
Accession Number: 47685
Library Notes: NPL-1009 REV
Report Numbers: CP-550-47685

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