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Title: Effects of Spectral Error in Efficiency Measurements of GaInAs-Based Concentrator Solar Cells.
Author: Osterwald, C. R.; Wanlass, M. W.; Moriarty, T.; Steiner, M. A.; Emery, K. A.
Pages/Volumes: 26 pp.
Publication Year: 2014
Document Type: Research Report
NTIS/GPO Number: 1126836
Subject Code Description: Solar Energy - Photovoltaics
Abstract: This technical report documents a particular error in efficiency measurements of triple-absorber concentrator solar cells caused by incorrect spectral irradiance -- specifically, one that occurs when the irradiance from unfiltered, pulsed xenon solar simulators into the GaInAs bottom subcell is too high. For cells designed so that the light-generated photocurrents in the three subcells are nearly equal, this condition can cause a large increase in the measured fill factor, which, in turn, causes a significant artificial increase in the efficiency. The error is readily apparent when the data under concentration are compared to measurements with correctly balanced photocurrents, and manifests itself as discontinuities in plots of fill factor and efficiency versus concentration ratio. In this work, we simulate the magnitudes and effects of this error with a device-level model of two concentrator cell designs, and demonstrate how a new Spectrolab, Inc., Model 460 Tunable-High Intensity Pulsed Solar Simulator (T-HIPSS) can mitigate the error.
Accession Number: 59928
Library Notes: NPL-1403 REV
Report Numbers: TP-5200-60748

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