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Title: Thermal Management of Power Semiconductor Packages - Matching Cooling Technologies with Packaging Technologies (Presentation).
Author: Bennion, K.; Moreno, G.
Pages/Volumes: 26 pp.
Publication Year: 2010
Notes: Presented at the IMAPS 2nd Advanced Technology Workshop on Automotive Microelectronics and Packaging, 27-28 April 2010, Dearborn, Michigan
Document Type: Presentation Material
NTIS/GPO Number: 983418
Subject Code Description: Transportation
Abstract: Heat removal for power semiconductor devices is critical for robust operation. Because there are different packaging options, different thermal management technologies, and a range of applications, there is a need for a methodology to match cooling technologies and package configurations to target applications. To meet this need, a methodology was developed to compare the sensitivity of cooling technologies on the overall package thermal performance over a range of power semiconductor packaging configurations. The results provide insight into the trade-offs associated with cooling technologies and package configurations. The approach provides a method for comparing new developments in power semiconductor packages and identifying potential thermal control technologies for the package. The results can help users select the appropriate combination of packaging configuration and cooling technology for the desired application.
Accession Number: 48147
Library Notes: NPL-1007 REV
Report Numbers: PR-540-48147

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