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Title: On the Lack of Observable Light-Induced H Diffusion Near Room Temperature.
Author: Branz, H. M.; Bullock, J.; Asher, S.; Gleskova, H.; Wagner, S.
Source: Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids. Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Amorphous Semiconductors - Science and Technology, 4 September 1995, Kobe, Japan. Vol. 198-200(1-3) 15 May 1996
Pages/Volumes: pp. 441-444
Publication Year: 1996
Document Type: Journal Article
Subject Code Description: Silicon Materials and Devices; Materials Science and Semiconductors; Amorphous Silicon
Abstract: A 5-day, high-intensity, red-light soak of a-Si:H at 65 deg. C yields no detectable H diffusion in a tracer experiment. A new upper bound to the light-induced diffusion coefficient at a temperature so low that thermal diffusion is negligible is found. The null result found here is incompatible with models in which H emission from Si-H bonds is proportional at all times to both the light intensity and the metastable defect creation rate. However, this result is compatible with the model proposed by Santos et al. in which both H emission and metastable defect creation are proportional to the product of the free electron and hole densities. In this model, this result implies that fewer than 500 H emissions occur per created metastable defect.
Accession Number: 21735
Library Notes: NPL-9609 REV
Report Numbers: 21735

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