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1.  Wood, E.; Burton, E.; Duran, A.; Gonder, J. (2014). Appending High-Resolution Elevation Data to GPS Speed Traces for Vehicle Energy Modeling and Simulation. 26 pp.; NREL Report No. TP-5400-61109.

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2.  Burton, E.; Gonder, J.; Duran, A.; Wood, E. (2014). Map Matching and Real World Integrated Sensor Data Warehousing (Presentation). NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory). 26 pp.; NREL Report No. PR-5400-60893.

3.  Neubauer, J.; Wood, E. (2014). Thru-Life Impacts of Driver Aggression, Climate, Cabin Thermal Management, and Battery Thermal Management on Battery Electric Vehicle Utility. Journal of Power Sources. Vol. 259, 1 August 2014; pp. 262-275; NREL Report No. JA-5400-61311.

4.  Huang, B.; Chen, S.; Deng, H. X.; Wang, L. W.; Contreras, M. A.; Noufi, R.; Wei, S. H. (2014). Origin of Reduced Efficiency in Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Solar Cells With High Ga Concentration: Alloy Solubility Versus Intrinsic Defects. IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics. Vol. 4(1), January 2014; pp. 477-482; NREL Report No. JA-5200-61464.

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5.  Cosgrove, J.; Gonder, J. (2014). Testing Low-Energy, High-Power Energy Storage Alternatives in a Full-Hybrid Vehicle (Presentation). NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory). 25 pp.; NREL Report No. PR-5400-61114.

6.  Gearhart, C.; Gonder, J.; Markel, T. (2014). Connectivity and Convergence: Transportation for the 21st Century. IEEE Electrification Magazine. Vol. 2(2), June 2014; pp. 6-13; NREL Report No. JA-5400-61573.

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7.  Smith, K.; Wood, E.; Santhanagopalan, S.; Kim, G.; Pesaran, A. (2014). Advanced Models and Controls for Prediction and Extension of Battery Lifetime (Presentation). NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory). 25 pp.; NREL Report No. PR-5400-61037.

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8.  Wood, E.; Burton, E.; Duran, A.; Gonder, J. (2014). Contribution of Road Grade to the Energy Use of Modern Automobiles Across Large Datasets of Real-World Drive Cycles: Preprint. 11 pp.; NREL Report No. CP-5400-61108.

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9.  Melaina, M. (2014). Hydrogen Infrastructure Expansion: Consumer Demand and Cost-Reduction Potential (Presentation). NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory). 21 pp.; NREL Report No. PR-5400-61966.

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10.  Smith, K.; Wood, E.; Santhanagopalan, S.; Kim, G. H.; Neubauer, J.; Pesaran, A. (2014). Models for Battery Reliability and Lifetime. 10 pp.; NREL Report No. CP-5400-57746.

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11.  Walkowicz, K.; Duran, A.; Burton, E. (2014). Fleet DNA Project Data Summary Report (Presentation). NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory). 47 pp.; NREL Report No. PR-5400-61168.

12.  Neubauer, J.; Wood, E. (2014). Impact of Range Anxiety and Home, Workplace, and Public Charging Infrastructure on Simulated Battery Electric Vehicle Lifetime Utility. Journal of Power Sources. Vol. 257, 1 July 2014; pp. 12-20; NREL Report No. JA-5400-61036.

13.  Brown, A.; Gonder, J.; Repac, B. (2014). Analysis of Possible Energy Impacts of Automated Vehicle. Meyer, G. and Beiker, S., eds. Road Vehicle Automation. Lecture Notes in Mobility. Cham, Switzerland: Springer International Publishing pp. 137-153; NREL Report No. CH-6A20-60887.

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14.  Rugh, J. P.; Hovland, V.; Andersen, S. O. (2014). Significant Fuel Savings and Emission Reductions by Improving Vehicle Air Conditioning. 8 pp.; NREL Report No. CP-5400-62232.

15.  Pinaud, B. A.; Benck, J. D.; Seitz, L. C.; Forman, A. J.; Chen, Z. B.; Deutsch, T. G.; James, B. D.; Baum, K. N.; Baum, G. N.; Ardo, S.; Wang, H. L.; Miller, E.; Jaramillo, T. F. (2013). Technical and Economic Feasibility of Centralized Facilities for Solar Hydrogen Production via Photocatalysis and Photoelectrochemistry. Energy and Environmental Science. Vol. 6(7), 1 July 2013; pp. 1983-2002; NREL Report No. JA-5900-60332.

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16.  Melaina, M. W.; Antonia, O.; Penev, M. (2013). Blending Hydrogen into Natural Gas Pipeline Networks: A Review of Key Issues. 131 pp.; NREL Report No. TP-5600-51995.

17.  Melaina, M. W.; Saur, G. (2013). Cost Comparison of Wind Energy Delivered as Electricity or Hydrogen for Vehicles. Paper No. 2013-01-1038. SAE Technical Papers. Presented at the SAE 2013 World Congress & Exhibition, 16 April 2013, Detroit, Michigan. Warrendale, PA: Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)

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18.  Neubauer, J.; Wood, E. (2013). Accounting for the Variation of Driver Aggression in the Simulation of Conventional and Advanced Vehicles: Preprint. 10 pp.; NREL Report No. CP-5400-57503.

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19.  Smith, K.; Neubauer, J.; Wood, E.; Jun, M.; Pesaran, A. (2013). Models for Battery Reliability and Lifetime: Applications in Design and Health Management (Presentation). NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory). 23 pp.; NREL Report No. PR-5400-58550.

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20.  Melaina, M.; Penev, M.; Heimiller, D. (2013). Resource Assessment for Hydrogen Production: Hydrogen Production Potential from Fossil and Renewable Energy Resources. 57 pp.; NREL Report No. TP-5400-55626.

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21.  Neubauer, J.; Wood, E. (2013). Accounting for the Variation of Driver Aggression in the Simulation of Conventional and Advanced Vehicles (Presentation). NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory). 17 pp.; NREL Report No. PR-5400-58347.

22.  Neubauer, J.; Brooker, A.; Wood, E. (2013). Sensitivity of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Economics to Drive Patterns, Electric Range, Energy Management, and Charge Strategies. Journal of Power Sources. Vol. 236, 15 August 2013; pp. 357-364; NREL Report No. JA-5400-54088.

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23.  Wood, E.; Gonder, J.; Rajagopalan, S. (2013). Connectivity-Enhanced Route Selection and Adaptive Control for the Chevrolet Volt (Presentation). NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory). 39 pp.; NREL Report No. PR-5400-60543.

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24.  Ramroth, L. A.; Gonder, J. D.; Brooker, A. D. (2013). Assessing the Battery Cost at Which Plug-In Hybrid Medium-Duty Parcel Delivery Vehicles Become Cost-Effective. 10 pp.; NREL Report No. CP-5400-57592.

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25.  Melaina, M.; Bremson, J.; Solo, K. (2013). Consumer Convenience and the Availability of Retail Stations as a Market Barrier for Alternative Fuel Vehicles: Preprint. 21 pp.; NREL Report No. CP-5600-56898.

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