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1.  Bilello, D.; Katz, J.; Esterly, S.; Ogonowski, M. (2014). Advancing Development and Greenhouse Gas Reductions in Vietnam's Wind Sector. 67 pp.; NREL Report No. TP-6A20-61442.

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2.  Haase, S.; Esterly, S.; Herdrich, D.; Bodell, T.; Visser, C. (2013). American Samoa Energy Action Plan. 20 pp.; NREL Report No. MP-7A40-59190.

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3.  Conrad, M. D.; Esterly, S.; Bodell, T.; Jones, T. (2013). American Samoa Energy Strategies. 41 pp.; NREL Report No. MP-7A40-60556.

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4.  Conrad, M. D.; Esterly, S. (2013). Guam Strategic Energy Plan. 34 pp.; NREL Report No. TP-7A40-59192.