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1.  Niklas, J.; Holt, J. M.; Mistry, K.; Rumbles, G.; Blackburn, J. L.; Poluektov, O. G. (2014). Charge Separation in P3HT:SWCNT Blends Studied by EPR: Spin Signature of the Photoinduced Charged State in SWCNT. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. Vol. 5(3), 6 February 2014; pp. 601-606; NREL Report No. JA-5100-61113.

2.  Ferguson, A. J.; Reid, O.; Kopidakis, N.; Rumbles, G.; Buchaca-Domingo, E.; Jamieson, F. C.; McCarthy-Ward, T.; Shoaee, S.; Tumbleston, J. R.; Yu, L.; Madec, M. B.; Pfannmoller, M.; Hermerschmidt, F.; Schroder, R. R.; et al. (2014). Additive-Assisted Supramolecular Manipulation of Polymer:Fullerene Blend Phase Morphologies and its Influence on Photophysical Processes. Materials Horizons. Vol. 1(2), 1 March 2014; pp. 270-279; NREL Report No. JA-5900-60252.

3.  Reid, O. G.; Pensack, R. D.; Song, Y.; Scholes, G. D.; Rumbles, G. (2014). Charge Photogeneration in Neat Conjugated Polymers. Chemistry of Materials. Vol. 26(1), 14 January 2014; pp. 561-575; NREL Report No. JA-5900-61469.

4.  Bird, M. J.; Reid, O. G.; Cook, A. R.; Asaoka, S.; Shibano, Y.; Imahori, H.; Rumbles, G.; Miller, J. R. (2014). Mobility of Holes in Oligo- and Polyfluorenes of Defined Lengths. Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Vol. 118(12), 27 March 2014; pp. 6100-6109; NREL Report No. JA-5900-61550.

5.  Savenije, T. J.; Ferguson, A. J.; Kopidakis, N; Rumbles, G. (2013). Revealing the Dynamics of Charge Carriers in Polymer:Fullerene Blends Using Photoinduced Time-Resolved Microwave Conductivity. Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Vol. 117(46), 21 November 2013; pp. 24085-24103; NREL Report No. JA-5900-59286.

6.  Reid, O. G.; Rumbles, G. (2013). Quantitative Transient Absorption Measurements of Polaron Yield and Absorption Coefficient in Neat Conjugated Polymers. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. Vol. 4(14), 18 July 2013; pp. 2348-2355; NREL Report No. JA-5900-58898.

7.  Larson, B. W.; Whitaker, J. B.; Wang, X. B.; Popov, A. A.; Rumbles, G.; Kopidakis, N.; Strauss, S. H.; Boltalina, O. V. (2013). Electron Affinity of Phenyl-C61-Butyric Acid Methyl Ester (PCBM). Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Vol. 117(29), 25 July 2013; pp. 14958-14964; NREL Report No. JA-5900-60499.

8.  Koch, F. P. V.; Rivnay, J.; Foster, S.; Muller, C.; Downing, J. M.; Buchaca-Domingo, E.; Westacott, P.; Yu, L. Y.; Yuan, M. J.; Baklar, M.; Fei, Z. P.; Luscombe, C.; McLachlan, M. A.; Heeney, M.; Rumbles, G.; Silva, C.; Salleo, A.; Nelson, J.; Smith, P.; Stingelin, N. (2013). Impact of Molecular Weight on Microstructure and Charge Transport in Semicrystalline Polymer Semiconductors-Poly(3-Hexylthiophene), A Model Study. Progress in Polymer Science. Vol. 38(12), December 2013; pp. 1978-1989; NREL Report No. JA-5900-61140.

9.  Treat, N. D.; Nekuda Malik, J. A.; Reid, O.; Yu, L.; Shuttle, C. G.; Rumbles, G.; Hawker, C. J.; Chabinyc, M. L.; Smith, P.; Stingelin, N. (2013). Microstructure Formation in Molecular and Polymer Semiconductors Assisted by Nucleation Agents. Nature Materials. Vol. 12(7), July 2013; pp. 628-633; NREL Report No. JA-5900-59135.

10.  Reid, O. G.; Malik, J. A. N.; Latini, G.; Dayal, S.; Kopidakis, N.; Silva, C.; Stingelin, N.; Rumbles, G. (2012). Influence of Solid-State Microstructure on the Origin and Yield of Long-Lived Photogenerated Charge in Neat Semiconducting Polymers. Polymer Physics. Vol. 50(1), January 2012; pp. 27-37; NREL Report No. JA-5900-52268.

11.  Blackburn, J. L.; Holt, J. M.; Irurzun, V. M.; Reasco, D. E.; Rumbles, G. (2012). Confirmation of K-Momentum Dark Exciton Vibronic Sidebands Using 13C-Labeled, Highly Enriched (6,5) Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes. Nano Letters. Vol. 12(3), 14 March 2012; pp. 1398-1403; NREL Report No. JA-5900-53649.

12.  Dayal, S.; Kopidakis, N.; Rumbles, G. (2012). Photoinduced Electron Transfer in Composites of Conjugated Polymers and Dendrimers with Branched Colloidal Nanoparticles. Farraday Discussions. Vol. 155, 2012; pp. 323-337; NREL Report No. JA-5900-51531.

13.  Coffey, D. C.; Larson, B. W.; Hains, A. W.; Whitaker, J. B.; Kopidakis, N.; Boltalina, O. V.; Strauss, S. H.; Rumbles, G. (2012). Optimal Driving Force for Converting Excitons into Free Carriers in Excitonic Solar Cells. Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Vol. 116(16), 26 April 2012; pp. 8916-8923; NREL Report No. JA-5900-53205.

14.  Spencer, S.; Murcia, V.; Reid, O.; Rumbles, G.; Belfield, K.; Cody, J.; Collison, C. (2012). Influence of Squaraine Aggregation on Short-Circuit Current and Device Efficiency. [Proceedings] 38th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC '12), 3-8 June 2012, Austin, Texas. Piscataway, NJ: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) pp. 002775-002779; NREL Report No. CP-5200-57533.

15.  Ferguson, A. J.; Kopidakis, N.; Shaheen, S. E.; Rumbles, G. (2011). Dark Carriers, Trapping, and Activation Control of Carrier Recombination in Neat P3HT and P3HT:PCBM Blends. Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Vol. 115(46), 24 November 2011; pp. 23134-23148; NREL Report No. JA-5900-53330.

16.  Rumbles, G.; Kopidakis, N.; Coffey, D.; Ferguson, A.; Dayal, S.; Reid, O. (2011). Detecting Free Carriers in Organic Photovoltaic Systems: Time-Resolved Microwave Conductivity. Proceedings of ISDRS 2011, the 2011 International Semiconductor Device Research Symposium, 7-9 December 2011, College Park, Maryland. Piscataway, NJ: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 2 pp.; NREL Report No. AB-5900-53075.

17.  Rumbles, G.; Kopdakis, N.; Ferguson, A.; Coffey, D.; Holt, J.; Blackburn, J. (2011). Exciton Dissociation at Nanostructured Donor-Acceptor Interfaces. Abstract No. INOR-63. American Chemical Society. Abstracts of Papers of the 242nd ACS National Meeting, 28 August - 1 September 2011, Denver, Colorado. Washington, DC: American Chemical Society (ACS) 1 pg.; NREL Report No. AB-2A00-53239.

18.  Rance, W. L.; Ferguson, A. J.; McCarthy-Ward, T.; Heeney, M.; Ginley, D. S.; Olson, D. C.; Rumbles, G.; Kopidakis, N. (2011). Photoinduced Carrier Generation and Decay Dynamics in Intercalated and Non-intercalated Polymer: Fullerene Bulk Heterojunctions. ACS Nano. Vol. 5(7), 26 July 2011; pp. 5635-5646; NREL Report No. JA-2700-51932.

19.  King, P. W.; Brown, K. A.; Beernik, M. B.; Dukovic, G.; Rumbles, G.; Dayal, S. (2011). Hybrid Molecular Assemblies for Solar Hydrogen Production. Abstract No. FUEL-270. American Chemical Society. Abstracts of Papers of the 242nd ACS National Meeting, 28 August - 1 September 2011, Denver, Colorado. Washington, DC: American Chemical Society (ACS) 1 pg.; NREL Report No. AB-2700-53211.

20.  Rumbles, G.; Stingelin, N.; Silva, C.; Reid, O.; Nekuda, J.; Latini, G.; Kopdakis, N. (2011). Photogenerated Charges in Neat Poly(3-Hexylthiophene) Films. Abstract No. POLY-118. American Chemical Society. Abstracts of Papers of the 242nd ACS National Meeting, 28 August - 1 September 2011, Denver, Colorado. Washington, DC: American Chemical Society (ACS) 1 pg.; NREL Report No. AB-2A00-53240.

21.  Morfa, A. J.; Barnes, T. M.; Ferguson, A. J.; Levi, D. H.; Rumbles, G.; Rowlen, K. L.; Van De Lagemaat, J. (2011). Optical Characterization of Pristine Poly(3-Hexyl Thiophene) Films. Journal of Polymer Science, Part B: Polymer Physics. Vol. 49(3), 2011; pp. 186-194; NREL Report No. JA-5900-49645.

22.  Dayal, S.; Kopidakis, N.; Olson, D. C.; Ginley, D. S.; Rumbles, G. (2010). Photovoltaic Devices with a Low Bandgap Polymer and CdSe Nanostructures Exceeding 3% Efficiency. Nano Letters. Vol. 10(1), 13 January 2010; pp. 239-242; NREL Report No. JA-590-47147.

23.  Holt, J. M.; Ferguson, A. J.; Kopidakis, N.; Larsen, B. A.; Bult, J.; Rumbles, G.; Blackburn, J. L. (2010). Prolonging Charge Separation in P3HT-SWNT Composites Using Highly Enriched Semiconducting Nanotubes. Nano Letters. Vol. 10(11), 2010; pp. 4627-4633; NREL Report No. JA-590-48997.

24.  Coffey, D. C.; Ferguson, A. J.; Kopidakis, N.; Rumbles, G. (2010). Photovoltaic Charge Generation in Organic Semiconductors Based on Long-Range Energy Transfer. ACS Nano. Vol. 4(9), 2010; pp. 5437-5445; NREL Report No. JA-590-48907.

25.  Coffey, D. C.; Kopidakis, N.; Ferguson, A. J.; Laird, D.; Sheina, E.; Rumbles, G. (2010). Transient Microwave Conductivity Studies of Poly (3-Alkyl Thiophene)s and Blends with PCBM. Paper No. LMA3. OSA Technical Digest: [Proceedings of] Laser Science - Photophysics of Nanostructured Materials I (LMA), 24 October 2010, Rochester, New York. Washington, D.C.: Optical Society of America (OSA) 2 pp.; NREL Report No. CP-590-48909.

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