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1.  Neubauer, J.; Smith, K.; Wood, E.; Pesaran, A. (2015). Identifying and Overcoming Critical Barriers to Widespread Second Use of PEV Batteries. 93 pp.; NREL Report No. TP-5400-63332.

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2.  Wood, E.; Neubauer. J.; Burton, E. (2015). Measuring the Benefits of Public Chargers and Improving Infrastructure Deployments Using Advanced Simulation Tools: Preprint. 12 pp.; NREL Report No. CP-5400-63422.

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3.  Wood, E.; Neubauer, J.; Burton, E. (2015). Quantifying the Effect of Fast Charger Deployments on Electric Vehicle Utility and Travel Patterns via Advanced Simulation: Preprint. 13 pp.; NREL Report No. CP-5400-63423.

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4.  Clinton, B.; Brown, A.; Davidson, C.; Steinberg, D. (2015). Impact of Direct Financial Incentives in the Emerging Battery Electric Vehicle Market: A Preliminary Analysis (Presentation). NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory). 26 pp.; NREL Report No. PR-6A20-63263.

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5.  Pesaran, A.; Ban, C.; Burton, E.; Gonder, J.; Grad, P.; Jun, M.; Keyser, M.; Kim, G. H.; Neubauer, J.; Santhanagopalan, S.; Saxon, A.; Shi, Y.; Smith, K.; Sprague, M.; Tenent, R.; Wood, E.; Yang, C.; Zhang, C.; et al. (2015). NREL Energy Storage Projects: FY2014 Annual Report. 72 pp.; NREL Report No. TP-5400-63420.

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6.  Isothermal Battery Calorimeters (Brochure). NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory). (2015). 4 pp.; NREL Report No. BR-5400-63245.

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7.  Neubauer, J. S.; Wood, E.; Pesaran, A. (2015). Second Life for Electric Vehicle Batteries: Answering Questions on Battery Degradation and Value. 10 pp.; NREL Report No. CP-5400-63524.

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8.  Wan, Z.; Ahmed, A.; Husain, I.; Muljadi, E. (2015). Novel Transverse Flux Machine for Vehicle Traction Applications: Preprint. 7 pp.; NREL Report No. CP-5D00-63661.

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9.  Vehicle Testing and Integration Facility (Brochure). NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory). (2015). 4 pp.; NREL Report No. BR-5400-63744.

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10.  Terlip, D.; Ainscough, C.; Buttner, W.; McWhorter, S. (2015). H2FIRST Hydrogen Contaminant Detector Task: Requirements Document and Market Survey. 40 pp.; NREL Report No. TP-5400-64063.

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11.  Kurnik, C.; Butt, R. S.; Metzger, I.; Lavrova, O.; Patibandla, S.; Wagner, V.; Frankosky, M.; Wiegand, G. (2015). Design, Operation, and Controlled-Island Operation of the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2013 Microgrid. 20 pp.; NREL Report No. TP-7A40-62997.

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12.  Prohaska, R.; Duran, A.; Ragatz, A.; Kelly, K. (2015). Statistical Characterization of Medium-Duty Electric Vehicle Drive Cycles: Preprint. 12 pp.; NREL Report No. CP-5400-63607.

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13.  Leighton, D. (2015). Combined Fluid Loop Thermal Management for Electric Drive Vehicle Range Improvement. 10 pp.; NREL Report No. CP-5400-63430.

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14.  Jeffers, M. A.; Chaney, L.; Rugh, J. P. (2015). Climate Control Load Reduction Strategies for Electric Drive Vehicles in Warm Weather. 11 pp.; NREL Report No. CP-5400-63551.

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15.  Kiss, T.; Lustbader, J.; Leighton, D. (2015). Modeling of an Electric Vehicle Thermal Management System in MATLAB/Simulink. 11 pp.; NREL Report No. CP-5400-63419.

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16.  Prohaska, R.; Duran, A.; Ragatz, A.; Kelly, K. (2015). Statistical Characterization of Medium-Duty Electric Vehicle Drive Cycles (Poster). NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory). 1 pg.; NREL Report No. PO-5400-64211.

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17.  Brooker, A.; Gonder, J.; Wang, L.; Wood, E.; Lopp, S.; Ramroth, L. (2015). FASTSim: A Model to Estimate Vehicle Efficiency, Cost and Performance. 12 pp.; NREL Report No. CP-5400-63623.

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18.  Vimmerstedt, L.; Brown, A.; Newes, E.; Markel, T.; Schroeder, A.; Zhang, Y.; Chipman, P.; Johnson, S. (2015). Transformative Reduction of Transportation Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Opportunities for Change in Technologies and Systems. 121 pp.; NREL Report No. TP-5400-62943.

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19.  Neubauer, J. S.; Wood, E. (2015). Will Your Battery Survive a World With Fast Chargers?. 10 pp.; NREL Report No. CP-5400-63531.

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20.  Plug-In Electric Vehicle Handbook for Consumers (Brochure). Clean Cities, Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE). (2015). 16 pp.; NREL Report No. BR-5400-63599; DOE/GO-102015-4616.

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21.  Ragatz, A.; Duran, A.; Thornton, M.; Walkowicz, K. (2015). Emissions from Medium-Duty Conventional and Diesel-Electric Hybrid Vehicles (Presentation). NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory). 27 pp.; NREL Report No. PR-5400-61733.

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22.  Smith Newton Vehicle Performance Evaluation - Gen 2 - Cumulative (Brochure). Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE), Vehicle Technologies Office (VTO). (2014). 4 pp.; NREL Report No. BR-5400-61850; DOE/GO-102014-4413.

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23.  Gonder, J.; Cosgrove, J.; Shi, Y.; Saxon, A.; Pesaran, A. (2014). Lower-Energy Energy Storage System (LEESS) Component Evaluation. 9 pp.; NREL Report No. MP-5400-62853.

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24.  Pesaran, A.; Keyser, M. (2014). Isothermal Battery Calorimeter Technology Transfer and Development: Cooperative Research and Development Final Report, CRADA Number CRD-12-461. 4 pp.; NREL Report No. TP-5400-63410.

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25.  Sears, T.; Lammert, M.; Colby, K.; Walter, R. (2014). Electric Vehicle Performance at McMurdo Station (Antarctica) and Comparison with McMurdo Station Conventional Vehicles. 69 pp.; NREL Report No. TP-5400-61731.

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