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1.  Wood, E.; Duran, A.; Burton, E.; Gonder, J.; Kelly, K. (2015). EPA GHG Certification of Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles: Development of Road Grade Profiles Representative of US Controlled Access Highways. 79 pp.; NREL Report No. TP-5400-63853.

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2.  Brand, L.; Yee, S.; Baker, J. (2015). Improving Gas Furnace Performance: A Field and Laboratory Study at End of Life. 47 pp.; NREL Report No. SR-5500-63702; DOE/GO-102015-4624.

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3.  Mitchell, G. (2015). Building a Business Case for Compressed Natural Gas in Fleet Applications. 34 pp.; NREL Report No. TP-5400-63707.

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4.  Isothermal Battery Calorimeters (Brochure). NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory). (2015). 4 pp.; NREL Report No. BR-5400-63245.

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5.  Mitchell, G. (2015). Vehicle Infrastructure Cash-Flow Estimation -- VICE 2.0 (Presentation). Clean Cities, Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE). 26 pp.; NREL Report No. PR-5400-64068; DOE/GO-102015-4650.

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6.  Kiss, T.; Lustbader, J.; Leighton, D. (2015). Modeling of an Electric Vehicle Thermal Management System in MATLAB/Simulink. 11 pp.; NREL Report No. CP-5400-63419.

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7.  Lustbader, J. A.; Kreutzer, C.; Adelman, S.; Yeakel, S.; Zehme, J. (2015). Sleeper Cab Climate Control Load Reduction for Long-Haul Truck Rest Period Idling. 7 pp.; NREL Report No. CP-5400-63505.

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8.  2015 Vehicle Buyer's Guide (Brochure). Clean Cities, Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE). (2015). 40 pp.; NREL Report No. BR-5400-62419; DOE/GO-102015-4470.

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9.  Wood, E.; Gonder, J.; Lopp, S.; Jehlik, F. (2015). Simulated Real-World Energy Impacts of a Thermally Sensitive Powertrain Considering Viscous Losses and Enrichment: Preprint. 15 pp.; NREL Report No. CP-5400-63255.

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10.  Brooker, A.; Gonder, J.; Lopp, S.; Ward, J. (2015). ADOPT: A Historically Validated Light Duty Vehicle Consumer Choice Model. 10 pp.; NREL Report No. CP-5400-63608.

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11.  Brooker, A.; Gonder, J.; Wang, L.; Wood, E.; Lopp, S.; Ramroth, L. (2015). FASTSim: A Model to Estimate Vehicle Efficiency, Cost and Performance. 12 pp.; NREL Report No. CP-5400-63623.

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12.  Gonder, J.; Wood, E.; Rajagopalan, S. (2014). Connectivity-Enhanced Route Selection and Adaptive Control for the Chevrolet Volt: Preprint. 14 pp.; NREL Report No. CP-5400-60960.

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13.  Lammert, M. P.; Burton, J.; Sindler, P.; Duran, A. (2014). Hydraulic Hybrid and Conventional Parcel Delivery Vehicles' Measured Laboratory Fuel Economy on Targeted Drive Cycles. 9 pp.; NREL Report No. CP-5400-62408.

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14.  Pesaran, A.; Keyser, M. (2014). Isothermal Battery Calorimeter Technology Transfer and Development: Cooperative Research and Development Final Report, CRADA Number CRD-12-461. 4 pp.; NREL Report No. TP-5400-63410.

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15.  Waye, S.; Narumanchi, S.; Moreno, G. (2014). Traction Drive Inverter Cooling with Submerged Liquid Jet Impingement on Microfinned Enhanced Surfaces (Presentation). NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory). 20 pp.; NREL Report No. PR-5400-62921.

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16.  Wood, E.; Gonder, J.; Lopp, S.; Jehlik, F. (2014). Simulated Real-World Energy Impacts of a Thermally Sensitive Powertrain Considering Viscous Losses and Enrichment (Presentation). NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory). 32 pp.; NREL Report No. PR-5400-62443.

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17.  Neubauer, J. (2014). Battery Lifetime Analysis and Simulation Tool (BLAST) Documentation. 31 pp.; NREL Report No. TP-5400-63246.

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18.  Melaina, M.; Sun, Y.; Bush, B. (2014). Retail Infrastructure Costs Comparison for Hydrogen and Electricity for Light-Duty Vehicles: Preprint. 14 pp.; NREL Report No. CP-5400-60944.

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19.  Wood, E.; Burton, E.; Duran, A.; Gonder, J. (2014). Contribution of Road Grade to the Energy Use of Modern Automobiles Across Large Datasets of Real-World Drive Cycles: Preprint. 11 pp.; NREL Report No. CP-5400-61108.

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20.  Lustbader, J.; Kreutzer, C.; Jeffers, M.; Adelman, S.; Yeakel, S.; Brontz, P.; Olson, K.; Ohlinger, J. (2014). Impact of Paint Color on Rest Period Climate Control Loads in Long-Haul Trucks: Preprint. 11 pp.; NREL Report No. CP-5400-61084.

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21.  Kiss, T.; Lustbader, J. (2014). Comparison of the Accuracy and Speed of Transient Mobile A/C System Simulation Models: Preprint. 17 pp.; NREL Report No. CP-5400-61045.

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22.  Gonder, J.; Brown, A. (2014). Modeling the Energy Use of a Connected and Automated Transportation System (Poster). NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory). 1 pg.; NREL Report No. PO-5400-62454.

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23.  Whitney, K. (2014). Effect of Gasoline Properties on Exhaust Emissions from Tier 2 Light-Duty Vehicles -- Final Report: Phase 3; July 28, 2008 - July 27, 2013. 116 pp.; NREL Report No. SR-5400-61098.

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24.  Wood, E.; Burton, E.; Duran, A.; Gonder, J. (2014). Appending High-Resolution Elevation Data to GPS Speed Traces for Vehicle Energy Modeling and Simulation. 26 pp.; NREL Report No. TP-5400-61109.

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25.  Neubauer, J.; Pesaran, A. (2014). Techno-Economic Analysis of BEVs with Fast Charging Infrastructure: Preprint. 14 pp.; NREL Report No. CP-5400-60007.

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