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1.  Martin, I. T.; Teplin, C. W.; Stradins, P.; Landry, M.; Shub, M.; Reedy, R. C.; To, B.; Portugal, J. V.; Mariner, J. T. (2011). High Rate Hot-Wire Chemical Vapor Deposition of Silicon Thin Films Using a Stable TaC Covered Graphite Filament. Thin Solid Films. Vol. 519(14), 2 May 2011; pp. 4585-4588; NREL Report No. CP-5200-47930.

2.  Alberi, K.; Martin, I. T.; Shub, M.; Teplin, C. W.; Romero, M. J.; Reedy, R. C.; Iwaniczko, E.; Duda, A.; Stradins, P.; Branz, H. M.; Young, D. L. (2010). Material Quality Requirements for Efficient Epitaxial Film Silicon Solar Cells. Article No. 073502. Applied Physics Letters. Vol. 96(7), 2010; 3 pp.; NREL Report No. JA-520-47595.

3.  Young, D. L.; Alberi, K.; Teplin, C.; Martin, I.; Stradins, P.; Shub, M.; Beall, C.; Iwaniczko, E.; Guthrey, H.; Romero, M. J.; Chuang, T.-K.; Mozdy, E.; Branz, H. M. (2010). Toward Film-Silicon Solar Cells on Display Glass. [Proceedings] 35th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC '10), 20-25 June 2010, Honolulu, Hawaii. Piscataway, NJ: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) pp. 000626-000630; NREL Report No. CP-520-47740.

4.  Teplin, C. W.; Alberi, K.; Shub, M.; Beall, C.; Martin, I. T.; Romero, M. J.; Young, D. L.; Reedy, R. C.; Stradins, P.; Branz, H. M. (2010). Mechanisms Controlling the Phase and Dislocation Density in Epitaxial Silicon Films Grown from Silane Below 800 C. Article No. 201901. Applied Physics Letters. Vol. 96(20), 2010; 3 pp.; NREL Report No. JA-520-48500.

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5.  Alberi, K.; Martin, I. T.; Shub, M.; Teplin, C. W.; Iwaniczko, E.; Xu, Y.; duda, A.; Stradin, P.; Johnston, S. W.; Romero, M. J.; Branz, H. M.; Young, D. L. (2009). Epitaxial Thin Film Silicon Solar Cells Fabricated by Hot Wire Chemical Vapor Deposition Below 750 ..deg..C: Preprint. 6 pp.; NREL Report No. CP-520-45965.

6.  Teplin, C. W.; Martin, I. T.; Alberi, K.; Young, D. L.; Shub, M.; Branz, H. M.; Jones, K. M.; Romero, M. J.; Stradins, P. (2009). Photovoltaic-Quality Silicon Epitaxy by Hot-Wire CVD at Glass-Compatible Temperatures. [Proceedings] 34th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC '09), 7-12 June 2009, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Piscataway, NJ: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE) pp. 2492-2494; NREL Report No. CP-520-46033.